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Since November 2015 I’ve been photographing volunteers and volunteering myself in the Calais Jungle refugee camp, old camp and new camp near Dunkirk. This photo documentary is a snippet of the harsh winter in the refugee camps and the tireless work of the Hummingbird Project volunteers, a Brighton led community group started by Elaine Ortiz.

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I am most thankful to one of my favourite musicians Fantastic Negrito for the permission to rewrite his Lost in a Crowd song and adapt it for the documentary. Also very proud of my friends and Brighton musicians Matt & Andy of CMD/Ctrl and Sharon Lewis for giving their time and talent and recording the song.

Adapted lyrics below. See original lyrics here.

Hmmmmm Hmmmm  Keep On Humming 
Lost in a crowd 
You feel your thoughts out loud 
Lost in the wilderness of the camp 
Get through the day, don’t drown 
Mud to your knees, hope is gone
Feeling so lost
(Come on, grieve, move on) 
Stuck in the shadows of a life 
That you tried to leave behind 
Hmmmmm Hmmmm Keep On Humming 
And we’re humming, lord we’re humming
For tomorrow
Neither one of us, no neither one of us
Wants the sorrow
‘Cause we’re people
The same people
You and I. 

Just like all Hummingbirds, I will continue to #BeInTheirShoes and #KeepOnHumming.

Sincerely humming,

Jeta B


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