#BeInTheirShoes is a photography campaign documenting the incredible emotional labour and compassion of volunteers helping refugees in the camps near Calais and Dunkirk in France. Through images of shoes and volunteers, I am documenting the hardship in the camps and the difference volunteers are making

Refugees do not want their faces publicized as it could jeopardize their asylum claim, something many photojournalists have ignored. For this reason, I will be telling stories through volunteers and shoes.

I started #BeInTheirShoes as a photo campaign in October 2015 to collect sturdy shoes for refugees. I photographed friends on Brighton beach with their shoes off and invited the public to join a solidarity gathering on the beach called Be In Their Shoes. Let Them Walk In Yours. As a result, on 4 October 2015 over 120 shoes were donated in just three hours.


Be In Their Shoes. Let Them Walk in Yours.

The Hummingbird Project in Brighton helped me take these donations to the ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais (France), just 200 km drive from Brighton, where I also worked in their tea kitchen. Seeing the horrendous conditions and the amazing work of volunteers, I was inspired to use photography for fundraising campaigns.

Campaign continued with Be In Their Shoes. Shoes 4 Coffee over the last weekend of January 2016, collecting 300 pairs of shoes, with the support of the local coffee shops in Brighton which offered free coffee for every pair donated.


On 23 June 2016 over 300 people came to the Be In Their Shoes exhibition, opened by the Mayor of Brighton, and we raised £2,000 for the Hummingbird Project.


Through the #BeInTheirShoes stories, I want you to empathize with the plight of refugees and support the work of volunteers on the ground by donating.

I want you to #BeInTheirShoes, of refugees and volunteers alike. Give them hope. Every story is linked to a fundraising campaign that helps the project featured. Donate. Comment. Encourage. Let us know that you care.

With Love,

Jeta B


Be In Their Shoes © Jeta B 2016